About Euricom

About Euricom

If you don’t know Euricom this will give you a good summary of who we are and what we do.  We have a few core company values we would like to put the spotlight on:

  • Quality
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Teaming
  • Fun

Euricom strives for quality. Quality in code, in the development process, in the actual delivery of the projects and in the collaboration with other team members.  Keeping a high focus on code & architectural craftsmanship without losing the art of simplicity. Helping customers to find the most suitable development process to deliver the project on time/on budget. When working as a team we are aware that we are working with people instead of resources, so a good level of personal skills is a vital asset for our developers and business consultants.

An other core value of Euricom is knowledge sharing.  “All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.” (Arthur Aufderheide) We enable knowledge sharing by providing several learning platforms, face to face, in group and remote. We have several groups that share their expertise on a monthly base in the form of coding dojo’s. On that platform each person can exchange their excellence in a specific technology. We also give our customers the opportunity to send their technical employees to join our Azure & Frontend Coding Dojo’s. We encourage coaching/reviewing on the job. Our clients have seen the benefit in this, even better they have asked us to give more elaborate trainings/audits/reviews in their offices. The thing is, you might hire a single consultant or a small team but they are backed up by a team of 70 colleagues with extensive expertise on a broad range of technologies like .NET, JavaScript(Angular/React), mobile apps(Hybrid/Web/Xamarin) as well as different business domains.

Teaming, in most cases a balanced team will give the the project a productivity boost and a cost cut.  When reading balanced you can think of junior/medior/senior based on working experience, but we prefer talking about it as proficient/practiced/expert on a technical skill level. Combining pragmatic seniority with new insights from motivated youngsters will help each other get better on the domains they have less experience in. In the end that will benefit you as a client.

Nothing is more fun then working with colleagues that are passionate about their job and enjoy life. We like to go a step further and organize lots of fun/social events. Creating shared memories on our yearly educational trip at a sunny destination is the best team bonding you can imagine. Spending a night out, playing some board games or pushing physical boundaries during a team challenge are one of the many ways how we make those memories.  

If you want to know more about us, please visit our website www.euri.com, send us a mail info@euri.com or give us a call +32 15 26 24 40